We attempt to avoid interfering with your staff too heavily during this process in to minimize the impact our review and consultation will have on operations, but at times we will be required to interact with staff in order to learn what we can do to increase their performance and productivity, streamline (or automate, if possible) their job functions, and give them tools that will simply make their jobs easier. 

It’s important for us to see them in action, and talk to them, simply to make sure they are using all of the tools currently available to them in the most productive and practical ways; and also to see if there are any additional tools that we could implement to give them added functionality, convenience or automation. 

We typically will try and do this during breaks or lunches if possible, and even sometimes having them come in slightly earlier or stay slightly later.  If this proves impossible, we have an online system that gives us the ability to develop specified questions in an online survey form that your employees can fill out at their convenience, which will hopefully give us the majority of the information that we need.

You are never locked in with us, as we feel that it is not good business to do so.  All of our agreements are typically only twelve (12) months, and they all contain a termination clause.  This clause basically states that you may terminate the agreement with a 30 day written notice, and that all you must do is pay the remaining months on the agreement. 

For example, if you are 9 months into our agreement and your monthly fee is $100, then all it would cost you is $300 to terminate.  We would still service you for 30 days starting from the date of termination, and then we would remove all services and systems except your company website, which you would be required to transfer to a new hosting provider unless you wanted to continue paying the hosting fee with us.

To be honest, we feel that every company should (at minimum) have us come in and take a look.  It may not be apparent, at least to you, that you are paying too much for your technology, or that your technology costs have increased dramatically.  This isn’t anything against you.  More often than not, companies will just accept these costs as the “cost of doing business.”  And let’s be clear, just because your technology costs aren’t necessarily hurting your wallet, doesn’t mean they aren’t too high. 

Even if you are making good money, and you are profitable, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be more profitable or make better money.  Not to mention, if you can get more out of your employees or make their jobs easier, it’s a huge added benefit, especially for them. 

Regardless of all that, some of the warning signs are:  not having a website of your own, not having any other technology at all, having multiple differently branded systems for different reasons, paying more than $50 per month for website management and hosting services alone, not having a company email, not having the ability to access your company email or any of your other systems outside your office (unless it’s company policy that you don’t), and finally, if you simply feel that you are paying a lot of money for your technology.

All of our individual payments are taken electronically through our payment processing system using a debit or credit card, and our monthly payments are taken via draft or EFT (electronic funds transfer) on the same day each month. Under most circumstances, these payments will be made through PayPal, unless otherwise agreed upon.

It’s actually very simple.  We require an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) be signed in order to protect both parties during this process, as proprietary information will likely be shared back and forth.  Once an NDA has been signed, an agreement will be put in place for TCRS to conduct a consultation and review your current systems, technologies, and operational procedures. 

Once this review is complete, we draft a detailed summarization report that we then share with you and your key staff.  This report will contain all the areas we have found where we can reduce or eliminate costs, and what changes can be made through implementing new systems or getting more out of systems currently in place in order to reduce waste and increase revenue, productivity and sales. 

We will present our findings, suggestions, and quotes contained within the report, and help guide you to a decision on whether or not you would like to proceed.

Our service agreements are typically twelve (12) months in duration, and are reviewed for renewal or termination at the end of each twelve (12) month period.  However, we can accommodate long term agreements as well if your company prefers.

We believe that having the ability to reconsider the relationship and the evolving needs and desires of our clients each year permits more flexibility, and embeds the ability to adapt to sudden or long term changes and requirements.

As you probably can appreciate, costs are going to differ for each client depending upon the findings of our research and reports, but we can at least help you understand the costs because we believe in being straight-forward. Initial consultations are always free

The detailed, written reports we provide only carry an up-front one hundred fifty dollar ($150) fee. This is simply to cover the time it takes to conduct our research, and develop the report, which typically takes about three (3) to five (5) hours, but may stretch that time-frame over two (2) to three (3) days. 

With regards to retaining our consulting beyond the initial free consultation, we charge a simple, flat hourly rate of seventy five dollars ($75) per consultant provided, Typically only one consultant is required for most cases, but for larger medium sized companies, it can be helpful and more productive to deploy a second consultant. We generally try to avoid companies that have three hundred (300) or more employees because companies that big tend to have teams of people within the ranks of the company that are constantly scrutinizing budgets, costs, policies and procedures and attempting to streamline wherever possible.

This does not mean we won’t work with large companies at all, it simply means we know the brackets where we can make the most progress for our clients, and larger companies will generally require significantly longer research and report development periods, something that is difficult to do at such a low, flat cost. In these cases, we will typically address the client with a quote outside of and separate from our standard services.

Hopefully, this helps you understand that the costs of our services. Our prices are deliberately kept low to provide your company a detailed report containing an overview of how your company operates, and hopefully develop a window into the possibility of reducing or eliminating a variety of unnecessary costs, while also determining what systems or processes can be implemented to give your small to medium sized company global level, big-business technology and a massive competitive edge.

The prices don’t change. The consultation is still free.  As mentioned above, in order to keep the physical report that we draft for your company, there would be a charge of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) for that. The charge is simply to cover the printing costs, and the research and time that went into the report.  

Otherwise, we would keep a digital, password protected version of your report on our encrypted server for a period of twelve (12) months in the event you change your mind and want to purchase the report. We do shred and burn the physical paper report in order to protect your proprietary information. 

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