It’s actually very simple.

We require an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) be signed in order to protect both parties during this process, as proprietary information will likely be shared back and forth.

Once an NDA has been signed, if you agree to a review, an agreement will be put in place for TCRS to conduct a consultation and review your current systems, technologies, and operational procedures.  If you do not want a physical review, we will require you to complete a detailed assessment of your company in order to provide us with enough data to evaluate and provide you with a report and be appropriately informed enough to provide valuable suggestions.

Once this review is complete, we draft a detailed summarization report that we then share with you and your key staff.  This report will contain all the areas we have found where we can reduce or eliminate costs, and what changes can be made through implementing new systems or getting more out of systems currently in place in order to reduce waste and increase revenue, productivity and sales.

We will present our findings, suggestions, and quotes contained within the report, and help guide you to a decision on whether or not you would like to proceed.

If you would like to keep the physical report we produce for you, we charge you a small fee.

If you don’t want the report, we keep a digital, password protected version of the report on our encrypted server for a period of twelve (12) months in case you change your mind and want the report.  We shred then burn the physical copy of the report we produce for you in order to protect your proprietary information contained within it.


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