Are you going to interfere with operations or staff during the consultation?

We attempt to avoid interfering with your staff too heavily during this process in to minimize the impact our review and consultation will have on operations, but at times we will be required to interact with staff in order to learn what we can do to increase their performance and productivity, streamline (or automate, if possible) their job functions, and give them tools that will simply make their jobs easier. 

It’s important for us to see them in action, and talk to them, simply to make sure they are using all of the tools currently available to them in the most productive and practical ways; and also to see if there are any additional tools that we could implement to give them added functionality, convenience or automation. 

We typically will try and do this during breaks or lunches if possible, and even sometimes having them come in slightly earlier or stay slightly later.  If this proves impossible, we have an online system that gives us the ability to develop specified questions in an online survey form that your employees can fill out at their convenience, which will hopefully give us the majority of the information that we need.

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