How do I know that I need this service?

To be honest, we feel that every company should (at minimum) have us come in and take a look.  It may not be apparent, at least to you, that you are paying too much for your technology, or that your technology costs have increased dramatically.  This isn’t anything against you.  More often than not, companies will just accept these costs as the “cost of doing business.”  And let’s be clear, just because your technology costs aren’t necessarily hurting your wallet, doesn’t mean they aren’t too high. 

Even if you are making good money, and you are profitable, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be more profitable or make better money.  Not to mention, if you can get more out of your employees or make their jobs easier, it’s a huge added benefit, especially for them. 

Regardless of all that, some of the warning signs are:  not having a website of your own, not having any other technology at all, having multiple differently branded systems for different reasons, paying more than $50 per month for website management and hosting services alone, not having a company email, not having the ability to access your company email or any of your other systems outside your office (unless it’s company policy that you don’t), and finally, if you simply feel that you are paying a lot of money for your technology.

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