How much do your services cost?

As you probably can appreciate, costs are going to differ for each client depending upon the findings of our research and reports, but we can at least help you understand the costs because we believe in being straight-forward. Initial consultations are always free

The detailed, written reports we provide only carry an up-front one hundred fifty dollar ($150) fee. This is simply to cover the time it takes to conduct our research, and develop the report, which typically takes about three (3) to five (5) hours, but may stretch that time-frame over two (2) to three (3) days. 

With regards to retaining our consulting beyond the initial free consultation, we charge a simple, flat hourly rate of seventy five dollars ($75) per consultant provided, Typically only one consultant is required for most cases, but for larger medium sized companies, it can be helpful and more productive to deploy a second consultant. We generally try to avoid companies that have three hundred (300) or more employees because companies that big tend to have teams of people within the ranks of the company that are constantly scrutinizing budgets, costs, policies and procedures and attempting to streamline wherever possible.

This does not mean we won’t work with large companies at all, it simply means we know the brackets where we can make the most progress for our clients, and larger companies will generally require significantly longer research and report development periods, something that is difficult to do at such a low, flat cost. In these cases, we will typically address the client with a quote outside of and separate from our standard services.

Hopefully, this helps you understand that the costs of our services. Our prices are deliberately kept low to provide your company a detailed report containing an overview of how your company operates, and hopefully develop a window into the possibility of reducing or eliminating a variety of unnecessary costs, while also determining what systems or processes can be implemented to give your small to medium sized company global level, big-business technology and a massive competitive edge.

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